Phoenix HD 2.2

A new ship: The Striker!

Shooting a lot of missiles is always awesome, and the Striker delivers exactly that! Hold down your finger to let the Striker automatically lock on all targets on the screen, then release your finger to fire the missiles. Repeat until no enemy is standing in your way. Holding down for a longer time improves the locks so stronger missiles will be fired. Can you hold your fire long enough to lock the level 3 missiles? The Striker is available via in-app purchase.

Full Game Controller Support

This update improves support for iOS 7 Game Controllers. Use the right triggers to use the current held power-up. Press the 'A' button to perform a special action (Phantom Ghost Mode, Striker Fire Missiles), and hold the 'B' button to amplify the inputs of the joysticks for quick dodging.

Retina resolution on iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina

Phoenix HD now runs at Retina resolution on iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina.

Additional language support

Support for four new languages: Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and modern standard Arabic.

Phoenix HD 2.1

A new ship: The Phantom!

An exciting new player ship that brings more intense gameplay to Phoenix HD. The Phantom is designed for fast play sessions. It has the most firepower but is also more fragile! To avoid bullets, the Phantom can enter 'Ghost Mode' in which it cannot be hit. There are other special abilities, but you have to discover them yourself ;) The Phantom is available via in-app purchase.

Improved High Scores View

The map which shows your high scores has been improved, and now shows all the locations where you have set a score for all ships combined. Tap on one of the pins to see your rank and medals for that place!

Other Improvements

Shorter loading times, improved visual effects and performance and some bug fixes.

Phoenix HD 2.0

Welcome to Phoenix HD 2.0, our biggest update yet! Read on for the countless new things you can find in this update:

Full iPhone 5 and iOS6 support

Phoenix HD now fully supports the new iPhone 5.


Trinity is a new player ship, and again offers a completely new game experience! Trinity is capable of slowing down time and teleporting to different locations on the screen. The ship is great fun for players of all skill levels! Trinity is available via in-app purchase.


At the armory you can purchase extra boosts with coins you gather while playing the game. Some of the boosts include a drone that shoots down bullets, extra health, or even a revive during the game!

Redone Phoenix Leaderboards

The phoenix leaderboards are completely redone, and are shown on gorgeous maps. We also added leaderboards for each individual ship, so you can finally settle who is the best with a specific ship. We like the new leaderboards so much, we made them free for everyone! If you previously purchased an online pass you will get some free coins for your support!

Support for Multiple Devices

You can now synchronize scores and coins you gather across your iPhone, iPad and other devices. Register an account in the settings menu to activate synchronization.

Focus Vision

When you get on low health, the world will turn to black & white, but the enemy bullets and your cockpit will remain in color, so you can focus on survival.

Massive Gameplay Improvements

A lot of gameplay improvements have been made. This list summarizes a few of them:
—Rebalanced all turrets and enemy ships.
—The EMP powerup now glows gold and turns bullets into coins!
—The selectable star difficulty system has been replaced by an automatic progression to a level that suits the player.
—Enemy turrets at high level use new dangerous projectiles that deal more damage to your ship.
Due to all gameplay changes, we have put Phoenix 2.0 on new leaderboards.

New backgrounds

Two new backgrounds have been added after the current ones.

Additional Languages

Phoenix HD is now also available in Korean, Japanese and we updated the existing languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese and simplified Chinese.

Phoenix HD 1.1.1 // Phoenix 1.3.1

iCade support

Phoenix now supports ION Audio's terrific iCade peripheral. We have deeply integrated support for this device, offering a great new experience. Button 6 has the same functionality as tapping the screen, using your currently stored pick-up. Button 8 is a 'boost' button which increases the ship movement speed while pressed. Button 6 is also used to Retry and Start the game while in the menus!


A new enemy ship has been added, the Brute! This large class enemy moves around at considerable speed and fires its unique new split-shot turrets.

New Alpha Strike

The close range lightning weapon from the Shogun has been added as a new Alpha Strike. Twelve Tesla Coil projectiles are launched, shooting lightning at enemies everywhere!

Improved menus

The 'Friends' and 'Achievements' buttons are now accessible from the Main Main. The ability to mute sound effects and music separately have been added and moved to the settings screen.


Celebrating the year of the Dragon we have added full simplified Chinese translation to the game (except for these patch notes), enjoy!

Numerous fixes

Lots of tweaks to improve performance as well as visual quality.

Phoenix HD 1.1.0 // Phoenix 1.3.0

The Shogun, a new player ship!

The Shogun brings another unique play-style to Phoenix HD with spectacular ways to destroy the enemy. The Shogun has no traditional weapons like the other ships, but relies on moving close to enemy projectiles to unleash its deadly blade weapon and destroy its enemies in an amazing display of brilliant carnage. The Shogun is available through in-App purchase, just like the Mirage and Corsair.

Two new enemies

Two new ships join the enemy arsenal to offer new challenges. These new enemies both have their own signature weapons and create even more variation on each playthrough.

iOS 5 support

Phoenix HD now supports iOS 5 and takes advantage of the new Twitter integration and Game Center achievement banners.

Improvements and fixes

Improves friend list syncing and fixes game balance above 15 million points. Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

Phoenix 1.2.3

Phoenix HD is now available for Free!

A High Definition version of Phoenix has been released, titled Phoenix HD. Phoenix HD features better graphics and new effects while running on a silky smooth 60 frames per second. Phoenix HD is available for iPad and third and fourth-generation iPhone and iPod Touches. Phoenix HD is available right now for free on the App Store!

Power-ups are stored automatically

Power-ups such as the Alpha Strikes and the Shield are now picked up and stored automatically. The other behavior for storing power-ups remains the same, so they can still be used by touching the screen with two fingers.

Auto trigger stored power-ups

Stored powerups now serve as a last line of defense and will automatically be triggered on a hit that would otherwise kill you. This makes powerups such as the Mega Health and Shield much easier to use as they will automatically trigger when you need them.

Improved powerup appearances

Power-ups have received new appearances, making them easier to recognize.

Friends list

Your Game Center Friends list is now automatically synchronized with Phoenix and has its own dedicated Leaderboard in your score screen.

Phoenix 1.2.2

Phoenix Leaderboards

The Phoenix Leaderboards are now available from within the App! The Phoenix Leaderboards allow the user to browse through all places in the world and discover where the best players are. Go find your own city/province/country and see where it is ranked! (note that a minimum of 3 players is required for a place to show up.)

Settings Screen

The options previously tucked away in the iPhone Settings App are now available straight from the Main Menu in Phoenix.

Back Button

The long awaited back button has finally arrived! It is located in the top left corner and does exactly what you think it does.

Fixed Crash Bug

Fixes a crash bug that would occur on iOS4 devices when Location Services were disabled.

Nightfury Cooldown Sound

A sound effect has been added to the special Nighfury laser on the Mirage to indicate the maximum consecutive shooting time was reached. The cooldown sound is played when the Stage 3 Nighfury beam shoots for 5 seconds uninterrupted. The cooldown already existed, but it was not clear for the players why the beam stopped.

Phoenix 1.2.1

Graphics Update

All graphics for ships and turrets are improved!

Bug fixes and improvements

- The health bar is now enabled by default! The health of your ship is shown as a tiny green bar at the top of the screen. To enable/disable the health bar, go to -> Phoenix.
- Improves location lookup. Phoenix will now be better able to find your location in difficult circumstances. Do not forget to enable location services to participate in our awesome regional leaderboards! (You can enable location services in -> Location Services -> Phoenix: ON).
- Fixes multitasking crash on iOS 4.3.

Phoenix 1.2.0

Introducing 2 new player ships!

The Mirage Laser Frigate and Corsair Missile Cruiser are now available via in-App Purchase!


The Mirage relies on an array of laser beam weapons to cut down its enemies. When the Mirage does not move, it gathers all its energy to fire the insanely powerful Nightfury Laser.


The Corsair is the specialist when it comes to missiles and rockets. The ship has the ability to lock on to specific turrets and unleash an extra deadly barrage.

New Alphastrike

A laser beam based Alphastrike was added which cuts down enemies with deadly precision.


Reduces memory usage, this fixes low memory issues on older devices.
Improves location lookup on iPhone 2G
Fixes issue where 'Uploading Score...' would never disappear

Phoenix 1.1.2

New Achievements

15 new achievements have been added! The location-based achievements will be applied over your past performance as well, just open the 'Scores' overview from the 'Main Menu'.

Player Health Bar

The much requested player health bar is now available as an option. Enabling this option will display a green bar at the top of the screen. The option can be found in the Settings app under 'Phoenix'.

New Soundtrack

A brand new soundtrack will now accompany you on your journey to that new high score.

Numerous Improvements

Improved how the location is determined. Fixed a crash bug. Slightly improved fire effects.


Check out which countries and continents are the best at Phoenix on our new online leaderboards! All places are ranked by the highest average score of their players, and you can view the top 20 for each.

Phoenix 1.1.1

Fixes a critical cheating vulnerability. Because of the nature of the problem, we were required to restart the Phoenix 1.1.x competition. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Phoenix 1.1.0

New Feature

It is now possible to grab and hold some power-ups (Alpha Strike, Shield and EMP) to use at a later time. Hold two fingers on the screen while picking a power-up to store it. Touch the screen with two fingers again to use the stored power-up. Only one power-up can be stored at a time.


The first batch of Game Center achievements have been added. Even more achievements will be added in future updates!

New Power-up

The Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) is now available. This power-up converts all enemy projectiles on the screen to extra valuable bonus score! Save yourself and get a High Score in the process.

Sound Toggle

It is now possible to turn off all game sounds. Music playing from your iPod will not be affected by this.

More Turrets

More turrets were added to keep you busy at every level. Stronger turrets now look more dangerous than their weaker counterparts.

Even More

Numerous other tweaks, graphical updates and content additions.

Important: Due to the significant gameplay changes, Phoenix started a new competition! The previous competition is now closing and all results will be moved to a Hall of Fame, which will be available to view in a future update! Good luck!

Phoenix 1.0.3

* It is now possible to play your own music while playing Phoenix. Just use the built-in iPod / Music App or multi-task controls to play your favorite tracks.

* The cockpit appearance has been altered to show the hit area more clearly.

* For the absolute fanatics there is an option in your iOS device System Settings to draw the actual hit circle on top of your own ship.

* Fixed an issue where sound would stop to function properly after multi-tasking away from Phoenix and coming back.

* Several crash bugs have been fixed.