Pocket Quest

We have been working on our new game for a while now and it's finally in a state where we can tell you it is called Pocket Quest and this is what it looks like!


To read and see more about Pocket Quest, visit the Pocket Quest page.

Phoenix HD 2.2

A new update has arrived for Phoenix HD and it is packed with cool stuff again! First and foremost there is a new ship, the Striker, a destructive missile specialist that is bound to take the leaderboards by storm. Also included in this update is support for four new languages: Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and modern standard Arabic. The controls for iOS 7 Controllers have also greatly been improved with new button assignments and accurate analog stick control.

Shooting a lot of missiles is always awesome, and the Striker delivers exactly that! Hold down your finger to let the Striker automatically lock on all targets on the screen, then release your finger to open fire. Repeat until no enemy is standing in your way. Holding down for a longer time improves the locks so stronger missiles will be fired. Can you hold your fire long enough to lock the level 3 missile? The Striker is available via in-app purchase.

Read the full details for this update here.

The Striker


iOS 7 Controller button layout

Phoenix HD 2.1

More than three years after adding the first ships to Phoenix, we are adding another ship to the lineup. The Phantom sets the total ship count to six and aims to bring fast explosive sessions to Phoenix HD.

The Phantom has the most firepower but is also more fragile! To avoid bullets, the Phantom can enter 'Ghost Mode' in which it cannot be hit. There are other special abilities, but you have to discover them yourself ;) The Phantom is available via in-app purchase.

Read the full details for this update here.

The Phantom


Phoenix HD 2.0 Is Here

Following Firi Games' three year anniversary we have released the much anticipated Phoenix HD content update. This is the biggest update we have ever done!

Phoenix HD 2.0 features a new player ship, new backgrounds, improved graphics, improved gameplay, new leaderboards and introduces the awesome new Armory. Players can use the Armory to access and equip a variety of cool new boosts and enhancements to improve their chances at beating their High Scores. For a full list of changes, please check the Phoenix HD 2.0 patch notes.

The Trinity is a great new addition and offers both extremely fresh and fun new gameplay. Its ability to slow down time and teleport to any location on screen make this ship easy to control and suitable for players of every skill level! Trinity is available via in-App Purchase.

Introducing the Trinity

The Trinity and Vulcan Drone in action


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