Phoenix HD 2.2

A new update has arrived for Phoenix HD and it is packed with cool stuff again! First and foremost there is a new ship, the Striker, a destructive missile specialist that is bound to take the leaderboards by storm. Also included in this update is support for four new languages: Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and modern standard Arabic. The controls for iOS 7 Controllers have also greatly been improved with new button assignments and accurate analog stick control.

Shooting a lot of missiles is always awesome, and the Striker delivers exactly that! Hold down your finger to let the Striker automatically lock on all targets on the screen, then release your finger to open fire. Repeat until no enemy is standing in your way. Holding down for a longer time improves the locks so stronger missiles will be fired. Can you hold your fire long enough to lock the level 3 missile? The Striker is available via in-app purchase.

Read the full details for this update here.

The Striker


iOS 7 Controller button layout

Phoenix HD 2.1

More than three years after adding the first ships to Phoenix, we are adding another ship to the lineup. The Phantom sets the total ship count to six and aims to bring fast explosive sessions to Phoenix HD.

The Phantom has the most firepower but is also more fragile! To avoid bullets, the Phantom can enter 'Ghost Mode' in which it cannot be hit. There are other special abilities, but you have to discover them yourself ;) The Phantom is available via in-app purchase.

Read the full details for this update here.

The Phantom


Phoenix HD 2.0 Is Here

Following Firi Games' three year anniversary we have released the much anticipated Phoenix HD content update. This is the biggest update we have ever done!

Phoenix HD 2.0 features a new player ship, new backgrounds, improved graphics, improved gameplay, new leaderboards and introduces the awesome new Armory. Players can use the Armory to access and equip a variety of cool new boosts and enhancements to improve their chances at beating their High Scores. For a full list of changes, please check the Phoenix HD 2.0 patch notes.

The Trinity is a great new addition and offers both extremely fresh and fun new gameplay. Its ability to slow down time and teleport to any location on screen make this ship easy to control and suitable for players of every skill level! Trinity is available via in-App Purchase.

Introducing the Trinity

The Trinity and Vulcan Drone in action


Phoenix HD iCade Support and More

Another update is now available for Phoenix HD! Among a new enemy, a new Alpha Strike and many other improvements is iCade support!

That's right, Phoenix HD now supports ION's fantastic peripheral, the iCade! Playing Phoenix HD on the iCade is a great experience and is highly recommended. We have deeply integrated support for this device, allowing players to control their ship as well as quickly navigate the menus to get back in the action. iCade support was added with the following features:

  • Button 6 uses your currently stored pick-up.
  • Button 8 gives a boost, increasing the movement speed while pressed.
  • In the menus, Button 6 is used to 'Retry' and 'Start'.
  • The movement speed was tuned to give the best experience. The speed of the Shogun is slightly lower than the other ships, to be able to approach enemy projectiles more carefully.

Please check the Patch Notes page for the full details on this update.

Meet the Brute

Milestone Reached: 1 Million Devices!

One of our milestones has been achieved! Phoenix HD is now installed on more than 1.000.000 devices! Big thanks to all the iOS gamers out there that tried our game and love it. You have helped us reach a larger audience by spreading the word and tweeting about it.

The latest update, which includes the Shogun, has received awesome reviews on the App Store. The average review score for the update on the App Store is 5 stars, which is the highest possible score. We are thrilled by the positive reception and performance of Phoenix HD and even more motivated to work on new ambitious projects in the future, thank you iOS gamers!

The Shogun is Available!

The new player ship for Phoenix HD is available now and slashing its way up on the Leaderboards! Players are writing great reviews, enjoying the spectacular effects, visceral action and variety in gameplay. We have added the Shogun, as well as the two new enemies, the Jester and the Harbinger to the Ship Gallery. Enjoy!

Phoenix HD has also been nominated for a Dutch Game Award in the category Best Mobile/Handheld Game. It is a very nice, albeit local, acknowledgement of Phoenix HD.

New Ships Are On Their Way!

The first content update of Phoenix HD, update 1.1.0, has been submitted and aims for a november release date on the App Store. This update brings several improvements as well as new content! The update adds two new enemy ships with their own signature turrets, iOS5 Twitter integration, and several bug fixes.

Most importantly, the update also adds a new player ship, the Shogun. The Shogun is based on a familiar phenomena from the shoot'em up genre called 'grazing'. The goal is to graze past the bullets with your cockpit, essentially getting as close as possible without getting hit. We took this concept merely as a starting point and adapted it to fit our own game in a unique way. The Shogun has no conventional weapons like Phoenix, Corsair or Mirage. Instead, it fires a destructive blade slash each time an enemy projectile is successfully grazed. Grazing past multiple projectiles in fast succession results in a brilliant display of destruction. Grazing without being hit results in boosting the attack power of the slash. In case an enemy ship is disarmed, the Shogun can move in for the kill and obliterate it with its short-range lightning weapon. The Shogun offers a totally different experience and takes existing mechanics a step further. The Shogun will be available through an in-App Purchase for $0.99.

The following screenshots show the Shogun in action. They were taken on an iPhone 4S which runs the game on the native retina resolution.


The original version of Phoenix will also receive this update, though we have no release date for this yet.

Phoenix HD Reception and 1.0.3 Update

Phoenix HD has been out for a few days, and the reactions have been great. Players love the breath-taking visuals and the jaw-dropping action. Phoenix HD got mentioned on numerous sites, such as iPhone Hail, Wirebot, Touch Arcade and IGN Wireless. Phoenix HD is also the featured app of the day on Free App Report. Finally, check out our official trailer (embedded below) and this nice gameplay video from The Game Trail. And don't forget, Phoenix HD is free: no ads, no time limit, no score limit. Just free. So there is no reason not to try it!

Additionally, the Phoenix HD 1.0.3 update is out, which fixes a crash bug on iOS 4.1 and 4.2 related to Game Center.

Phoenix HD Available This Friday, August 12th

Phoenix HD has been approved and will be available in the App Store on this Friday, August 12th. Best of all, Phoenix HD is completely free. No ads, no time limits, no score limits. Just free. In some timezones it is already available, and will soon be all around the world. Our thanks go to Apple for approving our game extra fast after a last-minute bug fix. Go to the App Store now to see if Phoenix HD is already available in your country!

Along with the HD version comes Phoenix 1.2.3. This update brings the gameplay to the same level as Phoenix HD, improving the powerup pickup system and adding the Friends list. For a full list of changes, head over to the patch notes page.

Below you can enjoy the official screenshots of Phoenix HD.



Phoenix reached a new epic milestone! There are now over 100.000 players competing on our online Leaderboards. We are thrilled to have this amount of players and hope you are all enjoying the ride. We certainly are!

Our HD update is also well underway and will be available this summer. The numerous amazing engine updates will deliver an unprecedented spectacle. More details will be posted as we come closer to its release. To give a glimpse of the progress we present some work-in-progress screenshots that were also featured and accompanied by some additional information on the Dutch website of Control.


Phoenix Update

Another update has just been released! Phoenix 1.2.2 brings several improvements and fixes as well as adding the ability to browse the complete Phoenix Leaderboards from the App itself! Head over to our Patch Notes page to read all about the new update.

Graphics Update

The new ships are storming the Leaderboards, slowly but surely moving their way into the top #10! The Mirage and Corsair are neck to neck in terms of popularity, which one of the new ships will reach the #1 spot first? Or is this spot reserved for Phoenix pilots only? Time will tell!

Following the new ships we just submitted the next update! Phoenix 1.2.1 brings a significant graphics update for all ships and turrets! That is correct, the game looks even better and still runs on every iOS device! We have updated most graphics on the website to match the new appearances, so be sure to check out the Ship Gallery and the new screen shots below!


Additional Ships Now Available

Phoenix 1.2 is live along with its in-App purchases and other goodness.

To show off the new ships we have added the following showcase images. These images are also displayed in the Ship Gallery, enjoy!

New Ships Flying In!

A new update is on its way to Phoenix and it is a big one. Phoenix 1.2 will bring two new awesome ships for the player to choose from. The new ships feature their own unique weapon systems providing a totally different gameplay experience for each. The ships are available separately via in-app purchase.

Along with this update are several optimizations and enhancements. Be sure to check the full 1.2.0 patch notes after checking the screenshots below, showing the new ships in action!

Updates Everywhere and Online Leaderboards!

Welcome to our fresh new website design, we hope you like it! Apart from offering better visuals, there are also some new pages to be found.

The main new addition to the website are our brand new Phoenix Leaderboards! These leaderboards show all the places where Phoenix is played, and ranks them on the average scores of their players. So you can finally see that Europeans are better at shoot 'em ups than Asians ;) Take a look, or even better, compete!

We also submitted a brand new update for Phoenix. Among its features are new achievements and the much requested player health bar. Read the full Phoenix 1.1.2 Patch Notes here.

Phoenix Patch 1.1.0 Live!

Phoenix patch 1.1.0 has been submitted and was approved a mere 6 hours later! Thank you Apple, for such a streamlined process.

This patch adds many new additions to the game, some of which are directly inspired by feedback from our players. We hope you like it! To give a short impression, there is now a feature which enables players to have a panic button (panic!), dangerous turrets now look more dangerous and the sound can be toggled off!

Be sure to check out the full list of additions and changes on the patch notes page.

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